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Undergraduate Education

At South Carolina, you'll learn to lead and lead to learn. Leadership is at our very core, woven into the classes that form the basis of our educational requirements. As you experience new things and share your experiences with others, you will form powerful connections both in the classroom and beyond.

Start with the Carolina Core

Start with the Carolina Core

All majors start with general education classes where you learn to demonstrate problem-solving skills, to understand world cultures, history and languages and to create or interpret some form of art. These are the skills that will help you in your major courses and lead to a well-rounded life. We call this the Carolina Core, and these classes will include students from all majors bringing a richness of perspectives to your classroom discussions.

Connect to the Real World

Choosing the right experiences outside the classroom can help you connect what you learn in class to the real world. As you plan your experiences, Center for Integrative and Experiential Learning helps you reflect on what you've learned, understand how you've changed and demonstrate how these experiences will influence your future. Finally, when you share your experiences to impact others, you can earn special recognition and graduate with leadership distinction. 

On Your Time

Graduate On Your Time

You will want to take advantage of all the opportunities we offer for out-of-the-classroom experiences. But we know that you also want to graduate on time, even if you spend a semester abroad. Now with our On Your Time program, expanded summer courses and online offerings allow you to finish your degree on your time and on your terms. You also can add a minor to your degree or explore a new discipline without getting behind.